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Dec 15, 2012

Doing nothing, literally, is planned until 12/28 and a special guest helps filter fact from fiction in regards to solar power.

*Correction from CD004: H.R. 6190 (The Give Me My Damn Inhalers Act) failed this week.

  • 1 million Primatene Mist (manufactured by Armstrong Pharmaceuticals) inhalers in a CA warehouse
  • Primatene Mist and all other inhalers with ozone-depleting chemicals have been off the market for 11 months
  • Needed 2/3 aye votes to pass because it was brought up under "suspension"

H. Res 827: Extra "work" days during the holidays will be filled with fluff (passed House)

  • Gives the House GOP the authority to bring up suspension bills until December 28th
  • Suspension bills = insignificant bills that generally pass with a voice vote = time wasters

H.R. 5817: No More Annual Privacy Notices From Banks (passed House)

  • Banks will only have to send a notice if they change their policy
  • Saves banks money

* Conferees chosen to work on the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

  • The House and Senate will be merging their bills into one to be sent to the President.
  • Vote possible next week.

Interview: Special guest Joe Briney, commercial solar power engineer, discusses the solar industry.