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Nov 2, 2013

The House passed a bill this week that would expand the number of banks that will be eligible for government bailouts and eliminated rules to prevent the banks from making really risky bets with our money.

New Information (Found Since this Podcast Episode Was Released) YouTube video: Insanity in the House, Part 2 by Mansur Gidfar.

  • Has additional information on the corrupt Congressmen who moved H.R. 992 through the House.

Links to Information in This Episode Intro and Exit Music: Tired of Being Lied To by David Ippolito (found on Music Alley by mevio) H.R. 992: "Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act of 2013"

  • Expands the eligibility of American foreign banks that would be eligible for a bailout.
  • Allows banks to eligible for bailouts to trade credit default swaps.

Citigroup wrote most of H.R. 992

Contact your Senators here (search tool is in the top right hand corner) Contact the White House here White House phone number: 202-456-1111 Music: Greed is Good by Leeman BrothaZ Frontline: Money, Power, Wall Street, documentary, April-May 2012. H.R. 2374: "Retail Investor Protection Act"

  • Prevents a Department of Labor regulation that would force broker-dealers to have a fiduciary duty to their customers and act in their customer's best interest

President Obama has issued a veto threat for H.R. 2374 but not for H.R. 992 H.J Res 99: Bring Back the Debt Ceiling Early H.J Res 99 is the first step in the expedited process for bringing back the debt ceiling established in the law that ended the shutdown and extended the debt ceiling.