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Jan 10, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is finished and will be eligible for a vote in Congress in February 2016. In December, the Democrats held a hearing on the Investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In this episode, highlights from that hearing and a summary of the provisions in one of the TPP's most important chapters.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Text

Hearing Highlighted in this Episode

TPP Issue Analysis - Investment Chapter, House Ways and Means Committee (Democrats), December 2, 2015.

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Investment Chapter Highlights

  • Article 9.4: Countries can't treat companies from other countries any differently than they treat companies from their own

  • Article 9.6: Countries must provide police protection to foreign companies

  • Article 9.6: Removal of subsidies does not count as a violation of the treaty, even if the company is financially harmed

  • Article 9.7: Countries can nationalize their assets if they pay the companies with interest

  • Article 9.9: Countries can not require companies to use domestic goods or to buy products from within the country ("Buy American")

  • Section B: Conflicts between multinational companies and TPP countries will be settled through the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system

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