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Nov 28, 2013

Before going home for Thanksgiving, the House passed three bills designed to fast-track permits for oil and natural gas drilling. This episode highlights the Congressmen who pushed these bills through the House.

Bill Summaries

H.R. 1965: "The Federal Lands Jobs and Energy Security Act of 2013" passed the House of...

Nov 23, 2013

A bill marketed as for "transparency" appears to keep information secret from the public and gut an oversight board. Taxpayers treat a group of Representatives to an expensive Summer getaway. Cocaine.

HR 2061: "The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) of 2013" passed the House of Representatives 388-1...

Nov 16, 2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international treaty being negotiated in almost total secrecy by the United States and eleven other nations. This week, Wikileaks published one of the twenty-nine chapters, the chapter on Intellectual Property. In this episode, we highlight the details of the patent and...

Nov 9, 2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret international treaty designed to give corporations power over governments; it is labeled as a "free trade agreement". The TPP will likely allow corporate control of the Internet, endanger food safety, increase medicine costs, remove environmental laws, prohibit...

Nov 2, 2013

The House passed a bill this week that would expand the number of banks that will be eligible for government bailouts and eliminated rules to prevent the banks from making really risky bets with our money.

New Information (Found Since this Podcast Episode Was Released) YouTube video: Insanity in the House, Part 2 by